Established in 2010, Educ8s is a specialty mobile solution provider headquartered in Sparta, Greece. With expertise in android application development, Educ8s has developed more than 10 educational applications in various languages. Our applications are designed in cooperation with highly experienced educators who provide us the latest developments in the field of teaching using new technologies.

We strongly believe that new technologies like Tablets and Smartphones will revolutionise education. These devices have many advantages relatively to Desktop Computers and Laptops, as they are smaller, lighter and more versatile. The use of touch screen technology is a big asset as well. Their low prices make it an ideal companion for every kid. In addition to these, we would like to highlight the importance of game-based learning. Thus, as tablets and smartphones are very capable and portable computers, they can be effectively used for game-based learning. Educ8s specialises in developing games for these devices that implement all modern learning theories in order to produce software that really EDUCATES.

Development Team

Our development consists of highly experienced teachers and professors as well as highly skilled programmers with teaching experience. Their educational background and their passion for designing educational software guarantees that results wiil be both entertaining and educational.

Our Technology Partnerships Include:

  • Google
  • Blackberry
  • OLPC
  • Samsung
  • Android Community